Merritt Island

White Bird

Merritt Island isn’t just the location of the Kennedy Space Center, and the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge (which occupy the northern end of Merritt Island). It is also the home of around 35,000 people. The homes on Merritt Island, as with most of Beachside, vary from community neighborhoods to luxury waterfront homes. The drive along the southern road of Merritt Island, South Tropical Trail, is enjoyable for the views of architecture alone.

If you like mangoes, Merritt Island is home to many mango tree fields. In season, driving along S. Tropical Trail, you often come across homemade signs for fresh mangoes. It’s a fun adventure to stop into the various mango orchards (? I would assume they’re called orchards?), talk with the owners about their mango-growing experiences, and try some of the many varieties of mangoes that are out there. Fresh mangoes are so much more delicious than their store-bought counterparts, and there are so many more types than you ever see in a store. Here’s one of the mango growers’ Facebook page.

The obvious attractions of Merritt Island are the Kennedy Space Center and the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, but here are other things TripAdvisor suggests checking out on the island.

Watch the Fish & Wildlife Service video about homesteaders on Merritt Island below.