The Eau Gallie Arts District, located where mainland Melbourne meets the Indian River at the 518/Eau Gallie Causeway, is one of the most charming and fun places to visit in Melbourne. The area is home to a number of art galleries, art-supply stores, restaurants, shops, a park, and the Foosaner Art Museum (which is a free museum run by the Florida Institute of Technology).

Eau Gallie seems to always have something going on. There are First Fridays (the first Friday evening of each month), where all the galleries have openings with food and drinks, food trucks arrive, and the park sports activities and live music; there are frequent weekend festivals (celebrating everything from antiques, to local artists, to food trucks, to Gay Pride); and even when there’s no celebration in place, the area is full of beautiful murals and wonderful art and shops. (Check out the Eau Gallie Arts District [EGAD!] Mural Project here).